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Top 5 rock formations to visit in the UK

03 May 2021, by Naturebreak

Rock formations are fascinating and many of them can appear to defy the laws of physics. Due to the UK's vast range of rock types and somewhat creative weather, this island plays host to some of the most intriguing rock formations in Europe. We'd like to take you on a tour of our top 5. 


First is Brimham Rocks in North Yorkshire. These captivating and enormous balanced rocks can be found on Birham Moor, an area perfect for climbing, walking and exploring. To see all the rocky marvels visitors can take a circular walk starting at the Brimham Rocks carpark and heading up past Brimham House allowing you to see the iconic Idol Rock, Cannon Rocks, Dancing Bear, Druids Writing Desk, Mushroom Rock and The Gorilla.


Next, no visit to the Isle Of Skye would be complete without experiencing The Old Man of Storr, possibly Scotland’s most iconic standing rock formation. These picturesque towers are a popular movie backdrop and attract thousands of visitors each year to Skye. 


Third on our list is the iconic Durdle Door in Dorset. Durdle Door is a natural limestone arc formed by powerful waves eroding a hole in the middle of the structure, a truly spectacular sight and a highlight of the Jurassic Coast. Visitors can reach the formation by starting from Lulworth Cove and following the path situated behind the car park for just over a mile. For the keen swimmer, swimming through the arc is said to be a sensational experience.

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Local legend has it that the towering pile of rocks which makes up The Cheesewring in Cornwall was the result of a contest between man and giant. The fantastical structure sits on Stowe’s Hill, visitors can easily reach the nearby Hurlers stone circle to make the most of the area. 


And finally, no rock finders trek would be complete without visiting The Needle, Argyll and Bute, an otherworldly hanging rock formation known as the ‘true summit’ of Ben Arthur or more commonly known as The Cobbler. Of the three summits, this is the highest and only the most daring of climbers attempt to reach the top, having to squeeze through a small hole to reach it, hence those who achieve it boast they have ‘threaded the needle’. 


There are, of course, many other fantastic rock formations that one can explore in the UK from The Woolpacks in Derbyshire to Old Man of Hoy in Orkney. Remember to always take precautions when exploring these sights and be mindful of the natural environment to ensure these areas remain public for generations to come. 

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