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7 Ways To Explore Nature Sustainably On World Earth Day

18 Apr 2021, by Naturebreak
World Earth Day Beach

March 22nd sees World Earth Day arrive, and with it awareness of how we should be treating our planet and the delicate balance which exists upon it. 

Equally, the sun is out, the skies are bluer than they have been in months and we want to go exploring!

Here are seven ways you can go and experience nature this Summer, whilst still preserving it and doing your bit to ensure it lasts for generations to come.


Take a picnic to a beautiful spot
When picnicking, our intentions are not to disturb nature, but instead, to enjoy and admire it from a distance. Picnicking can be even more sustainable by using reusable items, or biodegradable tableware items such as bamboo plates. Ensure that all waste is taken home with you and avoid pouring out liquids or leftover foods into the grass while packing up.


Explore via bicycle
The UK is crisscrossed with hundreds of outstanding cycling routes for you to experience. Cornwall's Camel Trail, The Bristol to Bath cycle route, The Keswick loop, wherever you are in the UK you are never far from an exceptionally beautiful cycling experience. And remember, not only is cycling better for the environment than driving, it's also great for improving your general fitness too. 


Enjoy the coast on a stand-up paddleboard
Paddleboarding is a fantastic way to explore coastlines sustainably. These small boards are fantastic fun and do very little to disturb coastal wildlife, after all, the objective is to stay upright. Newquay is a great location to start your paddleboarding hobby, discover historic Smugglers caves, or dive into the ocean and search for hidden treasure. 

explore and forage

Take a canoe safari
If paddleboarding is a little too wet and wild, a canoe trip could be the perfect compromise. Enjoy the peace and tranquillity that the water has to offer whilst you paddle your way through gorgeous scenery and simply take in the beauty. Ensure wildlife is unaffected by your passing through by keeping all possessions safely inside the boat, besides that, you're at one with nature.


Go ZipLining
For the thrill-seekers among you, perhaps you could take to the skies as you speed above all the wonders below on a zipline. There are many spots across the UK for ziplining that allow you to take in a whole host of the different local scenery. North Wales' ZipWorld brings you sweeping quarry vistas slowly being reclaimed by nature, whilst Cornwall's Hang Loose delivers the Eden Project from a slightly different perspective. 


The UK is an adventurer's treasure trove of exciting experiences in nature, and every one of them can be done sustainably.

Celebrate our wonderful world by booking a memorable experience in nature. Our full list of activities are specially curated, uniquely immersive, and personal, just for you. 

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