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9 Memorable Experience Days For Two

08 Mar 2021, by Naturebreak

Whether you are looking to spend more quality time with a loved one or want to catch up with a friend, these experiences are designed to give you something you can both enjoy together!

Explore the dark skies
You’ll struggle to find anything more magical than the night sky and Dark Sky Explorer provides you with the perfect opportunity to learn about it all. Get stargazing in style and learn about the wonders of the night sky through a telescope. Learn about the changes through the night, planets, star clusters and constellations too!


Start surfing
Fancy hitting the waves in style while spending a few hours learning while laughing and smiling? With some of the best surf in the UK, you’ll have no trouble getting to grips with exploring all the reasons why surfing is so popular. Learn from the best and you’ll soon be ready to invest in your own surfboard and suit!


Learn to Fish
Learn about the different species you might catch as well as the lake and master the art of fishing in style. You’ll discover how to set up your equipment and begin your fishing journey. Once your rod starts to nod, you’ll feel the adrenaline wash over you as you reel in your big catch


Get outdoors with wild ponies
Explore the wonderful landscape and discover the historic Haytor Granite Tramway. Once you’ve discovered the area, you’ll be able to get up close and personal with the wild ponies, giving you the chance to groom, hoof pick and walk them on a lead rein. It’s an ideal way of discovering the beauty of these wild animals.


Get active on a rock adventure
Boasting some of the most iconic climbing locations, you’ll find that there is plenty of adventure waiting for you right here! With experienced guides, you’ll venture out where you’ll scramble across rocks, try your hand at rock climbing and even try out some abseiling or weaselling, making it the perfect day out.

Crag2mountain Rock Climbing1

Cruise the coast
If you’re looking for something different and want to leave the land behind then a wildlife cruise is just the ticket! Hop on board and begin exploring the wonderful coastline and marine life that awaits you. From dolphins to seals, minke whales and storm petrels, there is plenty to discover here, not forgetting the diverse range of coastal birds.


Enjoy a nature retreat
It’s time to recharge your batteries and allow your body and mind to soak up the wonderful fresh air and the beauty of the countryside. Begin the experience with a hot drink and some cake and then you are ready to get to grips with this mesmerising nature walk. You’ll discover birds, insects, plants and animals but more importantly, you’ll be able to spend the time with someone who means a lot to you.


Sign up for coasteering
Fancy going wild and have a head for heights? With professional guidance and the right safety equipment, you’ll be prepared to tackle anything. Head over the cliffs and feel the wind in your hair as you ready yourself as you attempt to leap in the gullies below. With jumps ranging from 3ft to 33ft, you’ll definitely find something that suits you. What’s more, you’ll also discover a coastline that you’ve never seen before!


Get creative in a craft workshop
If you are looking for a relaxing environment where you can be at one with your creativity then this is for you. You can use natural materials and treasures from the wild to create anything you want. It’s a magical experience that gives you the freedom to escape for a while.

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