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12 Unique Things To Do With Kids This Summer

10 Mar 2021, by Naturebreak

Keeping the kids entertained during the summer shouldn’t prove challenging, especially when we have nature on our doorstep. Children love the great outdoors and enabling them to explore all it has to offer with these 12 top activities will ensure they remain entertained from morning until night!


Get up close to wild ponies
Children can immerse themselves in a magical experience whereby they learn all about Dartmoor Ponies. They will learn about their history, how they are taken care of and even get an opportunity to groom them, walk them on a lead rein and even try their hand at hoof picking.


Let creativity flow
Give your children an insight into what it takes to live off the land and learn all about what grows in the woodland areas and forests that are ready to explore. Furthermore, children can also indulge in their love of getting creative by making things using items that they find around them. It’s a great opportunity to teach children all about the real world we live in.


Become a dark sky explorer
The night sky is filled with intrigue and mystery which is why Dartmoor skies offer the perfect opportunity to explore the wonderful skies. Children will learn to use a telescope, see the mesmerising constellations and even spot some shooting stars. Led by a personal astronomer, children will learn all about the night sky, inspiring the next space explorers amongst us!


Get crafty
Let children get creative and allow their imaginations to run wild as these workshops enable children to explore natural materials and wonderful treasures. A laid-back environment gives children the opportunity to create fairy houses, season sculptures and anything else that inspires them.


Become one with nature
Wandering through nature, children will be able to explore their senses and learn all about the world that surrounds them. From spotting wildlife to learning about plants and listening to the wonderful dawn chorus, it’s an experience that will really ignite the senses.


Explore local coasts
Rockpools are filled with mystery and provide the perfect place for children to explore and learn about marine life. Expert guides will ensure children can delve in and get their hands wet by discovering a whole new world of creatures and marine plants.


Go crazy For kayaking 
From Helford and Frenchman’s Creek to the North Coast, Children can explore the wonders of the coastline and the feeling of the waves beneath them. The colours of the cliffs and caves to secluded beaches and even seals, it’s a great way of discovering life on the water.


Try your luck at paddleboarding
Adventurous and exciting, paddleboarding provides children with the chance to try something different. The thrill of riding the tide and being in control of their own board is going to inspire them to explore the coast in a new way.


Take an award-winning boat trip
Give your child the chance to make memories that last a lifetime. Hop on board and begin looking for some of the most enchanting marine wildlife to be found. Whether it’s spotting dolphins, seals and even basking sharks, it’s the perfect opportunity to take some amazing photographs.


Get active with a coasteering crew
The perfect opportunity for children to explore the coastline in a unique way. After a detailed safety briefing, the coasteering route will enable children to jump at heights that range from 1ft to 30ft, making sure there is a height to suit all!


Explore the magic of caves
If your child is the type who loves exploring then caving is a perfect fit for them. Discovering the magical cave system of Dartmoor, they’ll explore vast caves, total darkness and the opportunity to learn all there is to know about cave formations.


Book a seasonal safari
We’re blessed to have wonderful seasons so give your children the opportunity to explore them with a seasonal safari. The change in wildlife and plants, as well as the opportunity to spot animals and birds, will provide them with hour after hour of excitement.

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