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3 of the busiest Autumn animals and where to find them

01 Feb 2022, by Naturebreak

In the Autumn the UK's animal population gets busy burying food, seeking out shelter, spawning, chattering and suckling their young. Here's a list of the 3 busiest Autumn animals in the UK and places you can spot them. 

Red deer are the largest land mammals in the UK and during the Autumn these stunning animals begin their breeding season. Known as the rut, it is a hormone charged period where the males compete for dominance and mati

ng access to the females. Stags roar, walk in parallel and fight one another with their now sizable antlers. And it's not just the males who are busy, some female fallow deer mate with multiple bucks throughout their rutting season as a type of insurance to ensure pregnancy. You can spot deer during a canoe safari experience in Devon and Cornwall <>

In the water, female grey seals are braving waves and storms to bring new life. After a long Summer of feasting on fish stocks the pregnant females are full of energy and hardy enough to brave the wild weather of northern and western rocky shorelines. Here they suckle their young, feeding them on rich milk. Seals, dolphins, porpoises, seabirds and possibly sharks, sunfish, and even whales are all possible sightings during a Dolphin and Marine Life Safari in Dorset <>

Looking to the skies, one of the nation's noisiest birds, the Jay, with a call like ripping cotton, are getting themselves ready for the cold season ahead. Jays can bury as many as 5000 acorns in autumn by bushes or trees where their activity can be screened from predatory observers or other birds who may wish to plunder their haul. Enjoy the uplifting experience of the dawn chorus in full throng with Devon Wildlife Tours and you may come across a Jay <>

Lovers of animals of all shapes and sizes can find outdoor activities designed to bring nature even closer on our website, from canoes to walks, cycling to climbing you'll find an animal lover's activity to suit you and your family.


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