South West Lakes Trust

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South West Lakes is an environmental charity, established in April 2000 to care for the natural and historic environments surrounding the lakes of the South West.

At the core of the organisation is the belief that engaging with nature enables people to grow. By conserving and providing access to the wonderful countryside around the lakes, South West Lakes strives to give everyone the opportunity to experience the health and wellbeing benefits that arise from connecting with nature.

Experiences on offer

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The lakes and reservoirs across the south west are a popular destination for visitors throughout the seasons. They are places of both quiet escape and high-energy adventure, providing calm and invigorating joy.

The team at South West Lakes aims to help people enjoy, respect, and benefit from these special places by caring for them and creating inspiring natural experiences. A day spent at one of the lakes might include a stroll amongst leafy woodlands, birdwatching, playing, or activities on the water, such as stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, or canoeing.  

Protecting and enhancing the biodiversity of these environments is at the heart of the charity’s work; some of the lakes are recognised with special designations, including Sites of Special Scientific Interest and Local Nature Reserves. Aiming for a sustainable future is important, we work to achieve this by creating abundant, diverse, and connected landscapes that will remain loved by generations to come.

Hen Party Canoeing - Cromford Canal