Ocean Conservation Trust 

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To protect nature, you need to start with people.

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The Ocean Conservation Trust is a global ocean conservation charity building towards a healthier ocean for our planet.

Their hard work aims to build a togetherness between people and the ocean; encouraging us to appreciate and protect our oceans, as well as highlighting the importance of pro-Ocean behaviour. They pride themselves on a focus on changing behaviours and habitat restoration, through solution-based approaches that centre around emotional and physical connections with nature. 


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The Ocean Conservation Trust works worldwide to produce a better future for our oceans. Through dedication and relentless love for our oceans they work tirelessly to improve the wellbeing of our oceans and wildlife who live within the waters. 

Why not give their Snorkel Safari Experience a go; you'll learn invaluable information about the ocean and the sea creatures within it!

Snorkel Safari Plymouth
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