Dartmoor Skies

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Dartmoor Skies is a charity set up by astronomy-lovers, Rob and Bryony Tilsley with a simple purpose -
to inspire people with the beauty of astronomy.

Rob and Bryony have found that most people want to know more about the night sky and the Universe, but that it's easy to feel overwhelmed by everything there is to know, so they work hard to make all their activities inclusive and welcoming experiences.

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Rob and Bryony's hope is that anyone, regardless of their astronomy knowledge and experience, can stargaze and feel comfortable with asking questions. They want people to leave knowing something that they didn't before, see something they've not seen before, and hopefully feel inspired (and empowered) to continue exploring and learning about space.

Dartmoor Skies are incredibly lucky to have a knowledgeable team of volunteers who are also excellent science communicators. They're able to explain complicated aspects of astronomy and physics in an accessible way.