The Bushcraft Explorer Course

Castlemartin, South Pembrokeshire.
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    All Year Round

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    Price from

    £60 for adults, £30 for kids

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    Suitable for

    Adults, Families, Not suitable for wheelchairs.


Woodlands are dynamic places to spend time in and bushcraft is the perfect portal in which to discover and experience what these environments have to offer.

There are no super human requirements for any of the activities. The 1 Day Explorer course will offer insights into the many fascinating aspects of bushcraft and the opportunity to indulge in the important practical skills required for spending time in woodlands. 


The experience will start by learning Varieties of shelter set-ups with useful quick release knots.


Then you’ll learn some fire making techniques, fire lays and fire by friction with the bow drill.


Safe knife & axe use. Carving practical items such as pegs, spoons & cooking structures.


Tree identification, properties & uses. Cordage making from willow and nettles.


Insights into primitive technology such as Flint knapping.

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Why this experience is great for you

  • As well as all the practical skills offered, you will also learn about the intrinsic aspects of bushcraft such as coppicing, conservation and wildlife value of woodland habitats.
  • All the activities are designed to enhance your experience when visiting woodlands and to enrich your understanding about how these environments tick.



Facilities and additional information

Equipment needed: Clothing suitable for the season, water-proofs, long trousers and sturdy footwear. Refer to the KIT LIST on website.

Weather: Bushcraft is all weathers & all seasons. Courses are only cancelled if conditions make it unsafe for clients.

Parking: Parking is just inside the entrance gate and it is 40 meters to the camp.

Food and Drink: Water, tea, coffee is supplied. All eating, drinking utensils to be brought with you. You can bring in simple food to cook on the fire for lunch as cooking utensils are available or you may just bring in a packed lunch.

Toilets: Camp consists of a large shelter, kitchen shelter and a compost toilet.

Additional Info: Kingsmill wood is a naturally wild woodland and pathways are narrow, uneven and slippery in places so clients must be physically able to deal with these conditions.


To secure your experience – Visit website