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5 Fun activities to do outside with the little ones

07 May 2021, by Naturebreak

Remember how much you used to love the Summer holidays?! Well, now it's time for your little ones to experience those long, hot summer days and you can help them have the best time by getting them involved in some craft activities. 


Here are our top 5 easy activities to entertain the little ones and help them learn about nature at the same time.


1: Make a toilet roll bird feeder:


Take your empty toilet roll tube and use a lollipop stick to cover it in vegetable fat. The fat is great for waterproofing the feeder and will also help the seeds to stick to it. 

Next, roll your tube on a plate covered in bird seeds

And you're done! Hang your feeder in the bushes or slide it over a branch and let the birds enjoy your creation. Watch from the window and see how many different species you can spot.


2: Make some natural art

It's always fun to get creative with pens and pencils but why not go outside and use some natural materials to create something amazing. You can use twigs, mud, plants and rocks. 

Be sure not to pick wildflowers though as these are often protected by law.


3: Go on a bug safari

During the Summer there are plenty of creepy crawlies out and about for you to spot. Make a list of the ones you want to find and then set about ticking them off your list. Perhaps you'll find a slimy slug hiding in a damp corner, or a butterfly basking in the sunshine.


4: Make a journey stick

A Journey Stick is a great way to remember all the fun and exciting things you saw on a walk. All you need is a stick, some sticky tape and a fantastic walk out in nature. when you find something amazing that you can take home with you, stick it onto your journey stick, perhaps you'll find an amazing fallen leaf or a pretty flower head.

  1. Play pooh sticks

This is a classic kids game, find a bridge with running water underneath, drop your sticks into the water and run to the other side to see who's stick comes out first! If you're feeling super creative you could even make a little raft out of twigs and string and follow it downstream.


For more great activities to protect our nature (as well as keep the kids busy), take a read of some more of our top blogs. 

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